A Non-Traditional Newsletter…

For years I have sent out Christmas cards that often include some type of newsletter about our family - whether it be a tongue-in-cheek version set to the 12 Days of Christmas, Dr. Seuss or Barney; or a more straight forward, albeit short, version – I would put our year into words… counting the blessings.

But like so many, we have been affected by the recession and tanking economy and I often found myself looking at the ‘glass half empty’ when it came to writing  traditional Christmas newsletter.

Then as this year’s Christmas postcards slid from my fingers into the mailbox, I realized I was thinking of our blessings – about everything that went right. I hadn’t written about our year because I think I was still, personally, floating in murky water. I admit, I didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to in 2010.  Sometimes that just happens. It is what it is.

dreaming of vr1 final

What happened during 2010? We moved. A difficult move, yes, but now we walk Harrison to and from school EVERY day – rain or shine. A blessing. And Harrison started Kindergarten, he is beginning to read and is absolutely loving the entire school journey. A blessing. Big Brother started his SECOND year of college. Blessing. He finished his first year on the Dean’s List. Blessing. Business was much better for the G.I.D.(guy I dig). Blessing. I safely traveled by plane four times last year and although one time was to say goodbye to someone I love, it was still a Blessing. Because of social media, I was reacquainted with some dear friends I had lost contact with years ago. Blessings.  I got to take Harrison back to South Dakota for vacation (and a wedding). Blessing. We had a visit from old family friends from New Zealand. Blessing. The GID’s parents came out to visit us in October. Blessing. In turn, we were able to spend Christmas with them in St. Louis, MO. Double Blessing! Harrison got to experience snow on Christmas day, build a snowman, go sledding, have a snowball fight and make an snow fort! Blessings! I had incredible photography clients this year. Blessing. We have our health. Blessing.  A home over our heads and unfailing hope on our Lord. Blessing. Needless to say, we had countless opportunities to spend time with our friends and family throughout the year which is always a Blessing.

Each day we wake up to a new day - and I am truly Thankful. For Every. Single. Day.

christmas 2010 b&w

I hope this finds you well and [long after the craziness and stress of the season have passed] your holidays were filled with peace and joy.

Only time will tell what 2011 will bring. But I do hope one thing - that it will be filled with as many, if not more, blessings than 2010 held… even in the unknown murkiness of life.


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Christina said...

That was a lovely newsletter, Rose. Sometimes, when life brings so many unplanned changes, it's hard to see the good in it...but once we open our eyes to it, we realize that we are showered with SO MANY blessings! Hugs to you, Rose...and wishes that this years blessings are a little less disguised. ;o)

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