“They had me at Fresh” Part II

I finally came clean about my passive relationship with the kitchen and how that all changed back in September. 


Looking back, here’s a few things I discovered after only one month of pre-planned meals:

  • I REALLY am a messy cook .
  • My fridge is  chuck-full of fresh, unspoiled vegetables, herbs and fruits for the first time in… EVER.
  • Electric burners really do have more than two settings {HIGH and LOW}.
    Who knew cooking over MEDIUM  heat would do wonders in saving my food AND pans.
  • I can make food fly.
  • I can still burn a decent sauce even over medium heat .
  • I can MAKE a decent sauce.
  • That REALLY BIG knife in the block {that I rarely used} is NOT just for psychopaths in horror flicks – it’s FREAKIN’ AWESOME! 6219079574_2174961493_z
  • I ♥ kitchen gadgets
  • Fennel!
  • For the first time in my life, I have made dressings, lasagna, chicken dumpling soup, beef stew and alfredo sauce - from scratch.
  • I still don’t like brussel sprouts, period.
  • On any given evening my kitchen is an even balance of Ratatouille
    tasting fireworks
  • and Julie & Julie
    Julie & Julia
  • I want NEED more BIG, sharp knives! Bwahaha!!
  • How have I lived without a salad spinner this long? 
  • Apparently three sets of measuring spoons are not enough for me. 
  • blanching – who knew?! I love fresh meat and fish wrapped in brown paper
  • I have  never chopped so many onions in all my life.
  • I make soup from scratch!
  • Okay, maybe I like brussel sprouts – a little bit –  roasted in the oven with Sea Salt and Olive Oil.
    I know I like how they come on a stalk...
  • And Above All – I REALLY need an apron before I ruin all my clothes!! (told ya I was messy)


Seriously though, we are eating better, fresher less processed foods and Harrison tries everything put in front of him.

That’s what really counts in the end.


Anonymous said...

You TOTALLY had me... until you mentioned brussel sprouts! ;)

I am a few years ahead of you on this kitchen epiphany and I can tell you that the more you cook and get comfortable in the kitchen the less messy you become. Truly. I used to destroy my kitchen in the cooking process. Now there is a workflow that includes cleaning as I go.


Love this post and love that you are experiencing all this kitchen joy!

Rose said...

Ha-Ha!! I totally get it, Michelle! I SWORE I would NEVER eat brussel sprouts; but it's true, these aren't my mother's brussel sprouts. (and I don't think I'll be buying frozen anytime soon...).

Stacy said...

Well, I am going to really really try to get a tutorial together for sewing an apron, so maybe you need to add that to your project list. ;) Mine has saved my clothes, I tell ya. :)

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