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I love those days when the moon and the stars all line up and everything falls into place perfectly… smoothly…just like butter.  That’s what it was like the day my previous employer, Temple Menorah, hired me to do a special shoot for a new marketing campaign early last month.
They had an idea that meant taking pictures of individuals of all ages, almost 60 people in less than four hours, on a white background. As much as I love shooting outside or in and around client’s homes with natural light, I happen to LOVE the look of clean white, high-key backgrounds so I was excited to take on this challenge.
And now, every time I look at these images, from editing to delivery - I do the happy-dance.  I can’t help but smile.  TM6_MG_8124
Honestly I could say this woke me up out of a creative slumber.  So many changes hit me at once this summer that I felt like I was quickly sinking and then I spent a few wonderful hours with all these incredible people and I found myself pumped full of bubbling excitement to go shot EVERYONE in this way! 
We had So. Much. Fun!
Check it out.
All I had to do was… Just Add COLOR The rest was… magic.
Thank you everyone from Temple Menorah for coming out to play!


Tracey said...

How very cool that you got to do this Rose!!!!! What fun photos too!

Megan Cotugno said...

I am SO sorry that we had to miss that day due to a conflict in plans ... I LOVE seeing all the pictures every time we're at Temple!

Rose said...

Thanks Tracey, it was a ton of fun, I'm not exaggerating in that!

Megan, I would have LOVED to have you there - conflicts are a bummer!
There's always next time...

Lisabella Russo said...

These are so sweet! You've really captured such great moments...

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