The Big Reveal!

Here it is, my new creative space...and a blog to boot! Now if I only had the time for both of them. Hmm. One step at a time.

click for larger image.

I'll be populating this blog with more of my non-Harrison musings, thoughts and experiences without imposing such musing on loving family that doesn't give a hoot about a picture of a stump.

wood stump closeup

I like the stump.


Brittany said...

yay! :) What a wonderful banner on this blog; it's really cute!

Wendy aka Cheeky said...

Love it! And that is one cool stump!

Thanks for stopping by!!

natalie said...

Another thing that I love about this new space of yours is that there is room for Harrison to share your space. That's something that's so important about "MY" space at home. I want to share it with M. Of course there are things I don't want her to mess with, but I don't want me "art" (however not artistic it is) to be off limits to her. I want my space, my materials, to be something we can share. I love seeing Harrison's easel in your picture and knowing that he's welcome there, too. What a sweet thing!

Maggie said...

I love your new space!

The banner is adorable - and great shot of the stump too -- it's so detailed!

mandaroo63 said...

Yeah! For the new creative blog! A mom's gotta have her own space sometime. I love your art room. Are those your portrait sketchings on the wall? Loving the choice of music too! Oh, and I'll be over for espressos, soon! mmkay?!

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