But We Don't Drink Espresso...

Right before Christmas we got a call from an old friend letting us know he was sending us something. A few days later we got a Espresso Machine delivered to our front door! It was beautiful - even in the box - I immediately fell in love. I was so excited! I wanted to open it right away and then the GID reminded me... "We don't drink espresso"

I was deflated.

Then I reminded him of all the money we have laid out for Starbucks
[or was that mainly me?]

Well, apparently that means I like espresso.

[or maybe I just love the IDEA of espresso, served in those cute little petite cups and saucers, in a cozy little coffee house, looking a giant coffee-table books on a crisp cool evening...]

So there it sat, as it was left to me to ponder the possibility of returning it for an exchange.

I pondered.

All through Christmas I pondered. It waited for me to open it to hold it and love it and use it. It still sat there after the Christmas decorations came down and were packed away.

After a couple weeks I said to the GID let's just keep it, it'll be fun! I can make lattes. He frowned. "We don't really drink espresso, I thought you wanted a juicer?"

It sat there longer. Let's see, a big stainless steel, veggie and fruit juicer that I could make lots of yummy mixed juices to feed my family and and add to smoothies. Mmm, greens and oranges mixed with reds and blues... but exchanging it was not settling well with me.

I said again, let's just keep it. He frowned. [or so I felt] Once again, I deflated. "Do you want to go and do an exchange?" I suggested. No, he didn't. I didn't think so...

So that was that, it was coming out of the box! The BIG, BEAUTIFUL ESPRESSO MACHINE IN ALL IT'S COMMERCIAL-LOOKING GLORY was mine!

Can you feel the love I'm feeling here...

It's so shiny and new! I just want to hug it!

Oh baby, Look at that latte!

Yah, a juicer would be nice, but sometimes it's all about ME!


Andi said...

What a GLORIOUS gift!! What a GENEROUS friend! Enjoy the sweet warm love from each and every cup :)

Christina said...

Ooooh, that is some impressive looking espresso machine! I'm not a coffee drinker, but I don't think even I could pass that up. Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Nice lookin' Latte! Nice lookin' cup! =^D Gotta love Goof!!

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