Doggone Disgruntled Dog

This is Bennie, isn't he cute? Well almost as cute as Duke-the-Dog! You know how it is - just like your kids - Duke belongs to us and Bennie doesn't so Duke is cuter by default.

Although this day he wanted to belong to us.

You see, he had had a bath right before we got to his house and he was apparently still reeling from the experience!
So when my back car door was left open to get an extra car seat out, Bennie grabbed his chance for a new adventure and jumped in!
Not only did he jump in for a chance at new ownership and possibly never having a bath again; but he planted himself firmly (and I mean firmly!) in Harrison's car seat.

No amount of coaxing or tugging worked to get him out.

Not even his favorite doggie treat - although he did move to open door to check it's placement on the ground.
I believe he was calculating the odds at getting the treat in mouth and back into the car before we were able to intervene and put a stop to his evil plan!

Being the Alpha-dog that he is, we let him be for a while - let him think that it's HIS prerogative to change his mind... (and I told him that Duke-the-Dog gets baths too - sometimes even tomato baths!...and he doesn't get any table scraps - at all, Ever. AND he doesn't get to sneek food from Harrison's plate when Harrison isn't looking.)

After taking some time to weigh the pros and cons, Bennie chose to step away from the car.

My blogging friend, Daryl, over at Out & About in New York City participates in Camera Critters and I thought I would participate this week, too. Go visit each them and see some more great animal stories and pictures.
Camera Critters


Sandy Kessler said...

Great story and sometimes they all and well all need that perogative - super Week to you !! sandy

Misty DawnS said...

That is such a cute story! I LOVE dogs! This post put a big smile on my face - so sweet.

Thanks for joining Camera-Critters. I look forward to seeing more of your critter photos each week!

Roan said...

Baths traumatize my Willie, too. Bennie is adorable.

Lilli & Nevada said...

Oh that is cute, my Princess isn't real fond of baths either.

Daryl said...

What a wonderful Critters post .. love Bennie ...I am glad you are joining in!


Harris Family said...

I must say that is a beautiful dog! But of course it's my dog! You sure captured a great moment! Thanks for being understanding with all that!

Brittany said...

What a CUTE CUTE dog!!! I want one! :)

Kellan said...

"Bennie chose to step away from the car" - HA! Cute pictures and post.

Take care - see you soon - Kellan

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