Calgon Take Me Away

I've been stressed lately. Easily sent hurling into social anxiety or some other stressful abyss. But I shall overcome. I really should have sat down with a glass of wine tonight - or a margarita! It's sounds so glamorous. Alas, I did neither and now it's officially midnight. I must go to bed, having felt that I accomplished nothing this evening and going into the office tomorrow morning - part of my annoyance and anxiety. Gah!

My poor husband has had more than an earful of what I think about work-related issues this evening. I don't think I'm the Girl-He-Digs right now.

With all that said, or nothing said at all, really. I'd rather be back here again.

I took this picture at the Happiest Place on Earth. I need to go back - or maybe just find my "happy place".

Or just take a hot bath with Calgon and a glass of wine... I'll get right on that.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I hope this is a better day.

Kat said...

Find your happy place! Those flowers look like a beautiful place to start. Gorgeous!

Hope your week is looking better. :)

Cerulean Bill said...

Its possible that at the moment you were not the girl-he-digs. But based on my own experience, you're still the one-he-wants-to-be-with. And likely to remain so. Transient downs don't change that.

Kristen said...

Sorry you were having a rough night. I think sometimes that is part of surviving the day!

Those flowers are so beautiful! Maybe head to the market and pick up some for your kitchen. Does wonders to smell something so fabulous don't you think??

Hope you get some down time to find a happy place soon! :)

david mcmahon said...

What are those gorgeous flowers?

And would it be OK if I brought you a nice bottle of Australian wine to help you find your happy place?

Just say the word ....

Rose said...

I don't know the flowers since I haven't a green thumb; I took the picture at California Adventure - Disneyland's sister theme park. Maybe they're from the Foxglove family? I do know that they're beautiful.

Turn down a bottle of Australian wine? Never! Bring it on over! LOL! The hubby will fire up the grill and cook you a steak to go along with it.


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