Catchin' Up

Last week I felt I was neglecting Harrison's blog during this busy period in my Summer, this week I feel it's this blog I'm neglecting! So I couple pictures, an award and a fun wordle tag (both from Daryl - thank you Daryl!!!)

First the award from Daryl who's blog is ALWAYS fun to read (and maybe someday I can meet her in person!...) She awarded me with being Just Plain Fun to Read, gee I hope so. [No pressure there, eh? lol!)


We got to spend time with dear friends on the 4th of July that made the trip down to our house for the day and evening. When my girlfriend arrived one of her 3-year-old daughters brought Harrison flowers. Harrison said, very kindly, "Thank you" and then turned to me and said, "Mommy, I have pretty flowers for you!"

Perfect to try out my new camera on! Gosh, I love this camera!

But I couldn't resist the soft, romantic feel that this color conversion produced.

Finally, a fun little tag, consider this a tag - try it out and let me know what you come up with, should you accept this taggy mission...

Here are two wordles using the current posts from this blog and Pierce Baby Project.

Have a happy hump-day!


Brittany said...

"hump day" tee hee. That made me laugh; I am such a kid.

VERY awesome photos! :)

Daryl said...

Fabulous all ... love the contrasts in color and text on the wordle's ... and the soft focus of the flowers .. perfection, my dear!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! But I love the color more. I'm in a color phase.

KG said...

I'm hella jealous of your camera.

Christina said...

Congrats, cool "wordles" and beautiful flowers from a sweet boy!

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