I Suppose I Have to REALLY get Serious

Can you believe that I've been asked take some family portraits?

No, really!

Not to mention a couple headshots...

They TRUST me!


So now I have to go take a class to learn my stinkin' camera settings better - because just reading the user manual isn't doing it for me. And anyway, practice, practice, practice. The shots above are not perfect, I know, but they are NOT what I would have shot a couple of years ago.

Although I have to say, I really enjoy taking pictures of inanimate objects!
  1. They hold their pose when I'm tinkering with my camera settings for far too long.
  2. They don't run off or hold their hand and/or foot up to block the camera's view
  3. I don't have to muster up some cute and casual antidote to help them feel comfortable/natural in front of the lens. (something I'm not good at! Eek!)
  4. And most of all, they are NEVER disappointed with the outcome of their pictures!
Here is the final from my apples and honey shoot for the cover of the September newsletter I'm responsible for.


As I sat down to work, and blog, and read some other blogs my eye caught a very nice post that Tracey Clarke wrote over at her blog Mother May I in response to a post by Scott at Weekly Photography Tips about being noticed and appreciated. I relate so much to the first three paragraphs. Especially - "Women often fall prey to guilt from all the things we are not getting done. We focus what we're not doing and we hold close the notion that we aren't enough. But, the truth is, we are enough. And what we pull off every day is amazing". Go check out Tracey and Scott, you won't be disappointed.

It's true, I don't always feel amazing, and I often feel like I'm running on empty; but I've been embracing my gifting more and my family is my biggest cheering section. So bring on the requests for photography, I'll rise to the occasion!

Because as quoted in one of my favorite movies, a life lived in fear is a life half lived.

So go live today and let me know what some of your best achievements and accomplishments are this week. I want to know.

Because you inspire me.


Christina said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you...and I'm sure you'll do a great job! The apples-and-honey sure did turn out wonderfully!

Kat said...

Oh boy. I can imagine how difficult it is to do family portraits. Yipes.
You'll do great I'm sure. That apples and honey pic is fabulous!

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