There's a New Kid in Town...

Meet my newest friend. He actually arrived on my doorstep a week and a half ago but with work, an out-of-town guest and a Preschooler, he patiently waited in the background for me to turn my attention [and affections] to him.

Then today, when the energizer-bunny [a.k.a. Harrison] went up for a nap, I settled down to catch up on some blog visiting and basic internet browsing. I only got as far as opening one blog and today's Shutter Sisters post. From there I visited Hula Seventy since she was the guest blogger today and it was all about TtV (Through the Viewfinder) something I have been interested in for several months.

Suddenly I remembered my new little friend. (and the cereal box I had emptied out and hurriedly tossed into the craft room in anticipation for said camera's arrival.)

In a fit of inspiration, I rushed upstairs and grabbed the camera, box and a brand new roll of black duct tape and went to work - after all, I had less than an hour to put it all together and try it out.

Sitting in the corner pouting was the Brownie Hawkeye with it's frightfully sad contraption attached. I want to share my first contraption because Hula referred to her contraption as the ugly duckling of TtV contraptions. This one's for you; I may have you beat in the ugly, you've-got-to-be-kidding department!

Me thinks my Brownie contraption fell of the Island of Misfit Toys! Or at least misfit contraptions. Yes, there is a story behind the top of that mess above. But as temporary as the contraption was, so it was with the story and I can no longer recall why I went whack-happy with the exacto knife only to tape it right back on again... hey, it worked.

One last picture from the Brownie for a while.
I admit, like Hula, I could not abide by the REALLY great template instructions I found on the web. I had to dive in with both feet and hands, sissors & tape flying to make it my own way. (but this time I covered it with that brand new black duct tape!)

By the time it was finished I was losing light, so I ran around outside the house taking a couple last minute shots before the good natural light faded and the energizer-bunny woke up, demanding my attention.

These are straight out of the camera, not really moving or awe-inspiring - I know - but I'm excited all the same.

The lens is really clean but I love the blur in the corners where the glass curves.

Thanks Hula for lighting the fire underneath me today!


Brittany said...

What a FUN new toy! I love the blur in the corners, too.

Kat said...

I love that blur. It looks more like a glow. It makes the pictures look so mystical.
Love the angle you have on the rocking chair!

andrea said...

I don't know, I think your ttv device is pretty rad. :) great images! yay you! so honored to have been an inspiration!

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