Just Another Crafty Tuesday

Between running around, working, taking pictures and doing some personal research, I was able to steal away to the monthly Antique Fair & Flea Market for a couple hours last weekend.

Here are the fun things I picked up.

A cute little vintage golden book that Harrison has made me read everynight I put him to bed since then. A full-color 1925 newspaper front-page that I'm going to frame for his room as I switch out some of the more "baby" pictures on the wall; I love it and so does Harrison - check out that little crab holding onto the dog's foot.

I also picked up a thick book of old sheet music for collaging and an old frame to convert into a chalk board.

I wanted it to be a magnet/chalk board but sheet metal is rather costly. Oh well,I loved how it turned out anyway.

I've already used it for important notes to myself. It works!

Oh and hey, I found the power cord to the loaner sewing machine! Now to figure out how to thread the bobbin...  
wait, did I happen to mention that I misplaced the power cord of the sewing machine lent to me by my friend who misplaced the power cord and foot peddle to my machine?


Ironic wasn't it?

Good thing she doesn't read my blog!

Or does she?


ELK said...

the golden books are such a treasure ~ great finds all! ELK

Anonymous said...

Fun fun. I miss going to thrift stores and antique markets (Atti won't let me browse anymore). I looove the Eloise Wilkin-illustrated Little Golden Books... they are absolutely charming and bring back happy memories of my own childhood. So cute.

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