Angel Faces {and a few super heros too}

Harrison's school had a twins day last week [there are six sets of twins in his preschool!] and the day was even written up in the local newspaper. He also had his face painted for the first time. If you missed that, it's here - but I warn you, it borders on down right creepy.

All the kids had such a great time from Shabbat services on! One little girl told her daddy as they were leaving, "I go to the BEST school EVER!"

Here are some of my favorite images of the day.

No face painting for Miss A, but she sure is a doll.

And this is why I love photography.


ELK said...

oh what expressions on these art filled little faces ~ great series , ELK

Christina said...

So funny that all the girls have butterflies! Gorgeous pictures, Rose. We were at ChikFilA on friday for family night, and they had a face painter - but she was SO impatient with the kiddos, and I didn't have my camera (I KNOW!) and Nadia had wiped her bunny off by the time we got home. Oh well!

Stacy said...

That does look like an awesome school and how talented of a face painter did they get??? Wow, those are great shots of the kids, too.

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