Theme Thursday - Baby It's COLD Inside!

Snow and ice in SoCal?

We get it quit often, Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall (that could be a good song...)

 Indeed, it is only the milk freezing once again in our Sub Zero-let me freeze EVERYTHING-refrigerator.

Fortunately, it doesn't phase me too much. Now when the filtered water water freezes, then I get miffed.

Sorry about the non-sharp focus, I don't know if it's me or the camera.

Probably me.

Check out more cold-goodness as we brace for another 6 weeks of winter. (According to that annoying little groundhog.)


Stacy said...

Apparently those sub zeros really do that job well, eh? ;) Fun pictures, though (and they do look sharp...what are you talking about??)!

I will be happy if we only have 6 more weeks of winter...I'll be doing cartwheels if that is the case!

Jen said...

Our fridge does the same thing, but totally randomly. We can't use our water from fall to spring. It is extremely annoying.

I love the shots and I am with stacy they look in focus to me.

Megan said...

puts a little variety into breakfast, eh?

Anonymous said...

Ooo.. frozen milk. Add some sugar and will that make ice cream? j/k. I think the photos are in focus but because it's so close up, the dof is razor thin and makes it look like it's OOF. For close ups, try a smaller aperture like f/5.6 or smaller and that might help. :)

Amy Jo said...

HA! I was totally trying to figure out if those were wood chips or something. Great take on the theme!

Brittany said...

Our fridge does that sometimes, too... at random... and we change the temp...and somehow it does it again. What the heck?? lol At least it adds a little extra crunch to breakfast, eh? :)

Shelly at Aperture of My Eye said...

Great shot - haha! I was looking at the first picture before scrolling down, thinking "What in the world is this a picture of?" Great interpretation of "cold"

Christina said...

Our fridge does that from time to time too! And then other times, it's too warm. Huh?

Cara said...

I put a bunch of bottles of Pellegrino in are "spare" fridge and they all froze and popped the caps off.

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