Best Shot Monday in the Eleventh Hour

As we got ready for bed tonight, Harrison's shirt didn't  make it over his head, leaving him with a classic case of shirt-head which in turn sends him into fits of giggles. He wanted to show his daddy and to take a picture. I snapped off a couple quick - not good at all - pictures.

But in post processing I moved to the extreme and blew out the features with high contrast. A photo that was okay, I now love. Sometimes we need to just "play" and enjoy the process of creating art. 

Here a couple more, I adjusted the white balance, tone, and exposure, the second one I converted to black and white; but it's the look in his eyes that makes the high contrast shot my favorite from the weekend.

See more best shots at Mother May I.


mandaroo63 said...

Aww, he's cute not matter what. I like what you did with shot's posted in the 11th, no wait 33rd hour! LOL!!

Killlashandra said...

The high contrast turned out great! Adds a lot of drama to the shot and those eyes wow, just great.

ELK said...

it's those silly moments that make memories ! great capture all three...ELK

Brittany said...

Oh that harrison. He is looking so old. SO sweet, but such a "big boy!"

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