Sometimes Life...

isn't all that interesting, nor is it all that fun.

Laundry, work, cleaning. It's still not all done. And two days in a row I almost didn't pick up my camera.

Here is yesterday's eleventh hour entry.

Then tonight I grabbed the camera in that "eleventh hour" again to document how this day went. Only I'm feeling punchy and processed the photo exactly the same as yesterday.

Funny thing is, it almost makes doing the laundry look relaxing and soulful. Or am I just fantasizing?

It wasn't relaxing.
And it definitely wasn't soulful.

And it's still sitting there waiting from me.


ELK said...

keeping it real...and I do think you have captured the essence that is laundry...teehee!

Christina said...

Laundry does look relaxing shown that way! I actually don't mind folding laundry - it's my chance to sit down and watch a little tv. :o) LOVE the way you processed these images.

L~ said...

great processing - laundry is my nemesis. I think it is procreating in my basket and thumbing its nose at me.

Cara said...

I love the processing on theses. I don't feel so bad that my laundry is still waiting for me too.

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