Baby Shower!

I went to my friend's baby shower last week and took some pictures. We had a blast, we created onsies and played a fun game of Trivial Pursuit - Baby Style that the host created herself! We also grazed on fresh berries and veggies and indulged in yummy gormet cupcakes.  What a blessing to celebrate in anticipation of a little new person.

Have mentioned how much I LOVE Red Velvet cake?

It tasted as good as it looks!

But did you ever notice that photographed veggies, just doesn't have the same appeal as berries?

Case in point, veggies...


 I went with the berries.

And how about this totally cute choo-choo train center pierce made with diapers and baby-washcloths.
Too much!

And I get to go back and photograph the new baby! Wee!!


Cara said...

The train is just too cute. I love the onsies', we did that for a friend as well and had a great time. Can't wait to see pictures of the little one.

Christina said...

Good golly, that's one heck of a baby shower! Everything looks incredible. Especially the homemade Trivial Pursuit!

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