what I DO know about my car and then some

We pulled up to the curb and stopped in front of the small crowd gathered at our house for lunch after Big Brother's graduation, when - POP - the knob flew off the gear shift of my car. [the aftermarket, phallic, need-for-speed-wannabe gear shift that was installed in my very conservative Toyota by the previous owner's 19-year-old son - and after all that he didn't want the car - he joined the Marines. The later being of sound judgment, BTW.]

Now I can't get it into reverse or park.  Gah!

Let's just go in and party with the graduate!

Cut to this morning. There's a little rectangle piece of plastic that if popped off  evidently reveals a button [or something] inside allowing me to override the gearshift and put the car into reverse - or park...or not. Nope.

I call Triple A - thank goodness for AAA. When he arrives, the driver says, "I can show you a trick..." [the little rectangle tab - been there, done that...] He tried it - didn't work. [I told you so!]

I may be a woman but, really, I'm not an idiot. I once had to teach a friend how to change his car battery... and use jumper cables.

Cut to the garage. It's after Noon. Can't get new parts, can't get a rental car. My mechanic fiddles around inside for a moment then calls me over and shows me a screwdriver.

"You're going to need this" he says.

In the mean time his assistant comes over, "Hey there's a...", "Rectangle tab that allows me to get it into gear, yeah, tried that."

He tries anyway.
No luck.

Told you so! [seriously people]

So what do I do with that screwdriver?

Fun, huh?

Get out the lawn chairs, Pabst Blue Ribbon and muscle shirts - I'm feeling SO Trailer Trash!

I'm all SOOC today! Join in or check it out.

5/31/09 edited to say: "Publishing your post always works when blogging."

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