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On Laundry.

I HATE it. I know - most everyone hates doing laundry [with exception of those few oddities that enjoy doing housework in the buff wearing only a pair of 3 inch stiletto heels] ...but I digress.

I am exceptionally bad at the whole task.
It isn't uncommon that I leave a load in the washer for days...opps.

I do like laundromats. I love the lines of washers and dryers, the wheeled baskets, the vending machines filled with mini boxes of detergent and softner. I also love grittiness of older laundromats found in small towns of the midwest with all their multi-colored coin dryers showing age and wear; I always image what stories could be told.

Let's not forget that requisite, "sitting in the dryer" photo-op moment that all young people feel compelled to try. [not me though - um - can you say claustrophobic?] 

BUT what I love most about laundromats is that I can do SIX loads of laundry all at once!
When I was a young, busy single person it always ended up being a roll of quarters, six loads of laundry and a good book at the laundromat. Not to mention some great people-watching opportunities.

Now days it's a bedspread, a roll of quarters [for one load in the oversize washer] and a four-year-old.

Can you say - FUN!

And this laundromat - not so gritty, on the contrary quite shiny-white and new. (but it still has the mini-detergent boxes!)

Wait until he grows [WAY] up and realizes that you can climb into the dryer...

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L~ said...


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

Fabulous captures, my favorites of the day! Not only does it appear that you had a great time, but what a fun place to shoot photos! Love it!

Where in the midwest are you?

Christina said...

love this post, Rose! You know, I don't think I've ever used a laundromat!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love that top shot and the one of him hanging on the bar-- fantastic!

Anonymous said...
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