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In recent months picking up a pen, a paintbrush or even my camera for leisure seemed farthest from my mind with all the other “noise” going on in my pointy little head.  I wasn’t feeling inspired or creative so how could I possibly BE creative.

However, as with anything in life. Sometimes you just have to do it.
Step out.
Jump in.

That’s just what I did one day last week when I made a stop at the pier as the sun began to settle low in the sky. 
Pictures for only me. The way I wanted them. No rushing, no posing, no cares but my own.

blog one


blog two

Although I let Harrison pick out the image for my 365 Project


I decided that one way to open my creative floodgates after a dry year, is to once again resurrect the 365 Project for myself. The last time I tried it, I only got about 104 pictures taken in 129 days. Not so successful.

People have asked me why I’m taking on 365 again.
It’s three fold really.

  • To challenge myself daily. (pushing myself to SEE outside the box more often)
  • To chronicle our lives (I love looking back at over the blog and remembering events and days and our home)
  • To Create (by my own rules).

Feel free to follow my my 365 roll here.


Jessica said...

So glad you did! These are awesome-- the compostions, the sky, the colors...

Rose said...

Thank you Jessica! I'm going to make some more photo-walk dates this coming year - I think.

Tracey said...

I love it when I can just go out and create on my own terms. I love these photos and the light in them. This pier looks just like one in Santa Cruz that we visit often. Glad you are back and doing your 365. I loved seeing those photos on Flickr last year. Also, are you doing the Friday thing too? Email me!

Rose said...

Oh yes, Tracey! I need to email you!

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