I Love Clouds

Two thing I miss about the Mid West, even after a couple of decades in Southern California.

1. The four seasons - okay, a two or three hour drive in (almost) any direction will afford me a seasonal change.

2. Clouds and the rain storms with thunder and lightening that occasionally accompany them. yes, we get thunder and lightening, but not on a regular basis. I can just count on two hands the number of times we've had TRUE lightening storms in previously mentioned number of decades; and since we're so close to the beach, we get a lot of marine layer so when clouds are high and fluffy white - I am in heaven.

Then there comes a magical week like a couple weeks ago where we got a really cool (albeit short) lightening storm and high, fluffy, luscious white clouds in the sky.

This is as the sunset a week ago, Monday.

I love these clouds at the end of the pier.

I took this last Wednesday evening as our homegroup met on the beach again. I liked the view of the bikes in the shot but maybe I should have adjusted the aperture settings a little more.

I've been blogging a lot over at Pierce toddler Project, probably because I haven't had much of a break from Mr. Harrison much in the last two week. And he is a non-stop talker. I also had major Adobe color managment issues as well as email issues and spent one glorious day [well 5 hours anyway] on the phone with everyone and their grandmother.

Good news, most of the problems are resolved.

Bad news, not all of the problems have been resolved. Including the raw files not loading properly in Lightroom.

And I am drained.

I have nothing.

Oh and I... need Chocolate. [read into it girls, read into it.]

(and I started this sad excuse for a post last Friday.)


Anonymous said...

My congratulations to you .

Nice pic ^ ^

I love this song

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Unknown said...

i miss the thunderstorms, too.
and i also need chocolate. gah.

Christina said...

I adore a good storm, too.

And chocolate...me too. me too

mary catherine said...

love these shots--i miss the south bay!!

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