So You Say it's Your Birthday!

Well it's my birthday too!

I had a picture that I wanted to scan and post today from a birthday party when I turned, maybe, eight-years-old; but I've torn up the house and I can't find it anywhere. So with that picture (and a long trip to the park today) went my original post story.

So instead I present to you a birthday cake made especially for me by the one-and-only Harrison!

How cute is that?!

In a short few minutes, the Guy I Dig will grill us some steaks for dinner and we'll just hang out the rest of the evening. When Harrison woke up this morning he came into my room, climbed on the bed and and jumped around singing Happy Birthday to me twice finishing it off with, "And not any more!"

That would be "And Many More!"

Then the G.I.D. made me coffee and breakfast in bed (although it was delivered to the sofa because Harrison wanted me to come downstairs right away.)

So if you are wondering what I got for my birthday, it's here.

And since I don't have the cute little picture from this party, except for the gift opening.
I leave you with proof that I loved cameras from a very young age...
Yep, that's skinny little me holding up a toy camera to my Great Uncle and older brother. I loved that toy camera, I wonder what happened to it? I remember that it was also a piggy bank. Dig those smiley face buttons! You can see my ORANGE one sticking out from under my arm.

Happy Birthday to me!


Brittany said...


Kat said...

Always with a camera in your hand even as a kid! I love it!
Happy Birthday!

Cara said...

Happy Birthday!
I loved the cake and congrats on the camera.

Christina said...

Happy birthday!!! Looks like the best cake EVER. ;o)

Unknown said...

I can't believe I totally missed this post last week! Boo!

Happy Birthday anyhow - and it was on our anniversary, too! The 7th is a rockin' day!

Hope you have a great year!

mandaroo63 said...

Happy belated bday! Hope it was great! I love those old pictures....I'll have to scan some of mine someday.

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