Crafty Tuesday - I Have a Secret...

I love Blurb.

Just simply love it.

And I made a little gift for Harrison's Godparents that I just have to share! (Hopefully they won't pop in over here because I haven't given it to them yet!) I started it before Christmas but had computer problem and other things that kept delaying me. But finally, I finished it and I just can't hide it anymore! I plan to make more for some family members - and keep one for us.

I also went to the local monthly antique flea market last weekend and found these cool vintage tin panels. I decided to put them up in the kitchen.

Since I didn't find a piece of furniture to repurpose into a chalkboard, these make a nice substitute on the kitchen wall and it doesn't feel as empty. [what it really needs is a good colorful faux paint finish - but we rent. 'nuff said.]

Once again, it's late and I have to retire! I have a mailing postcard, newsletter and event logo to put together/create in the next couple of weeks, so I may be somewhat M.I.A. If you don't find me here you can always check over at Pierce Baby Project. I'll still be posting pictures there, too.

Yeah that's right.

A lot of blank pages [and my birthday] to look at and conquer in the next few days.


Daryl said...

oooh .. when is your b'day?

I like the way you arranged the wall hangings


Kat said...

You are so flipping creative! It all looks wonderful!

Unknown said...

How did I miss this yesterday?? EEE! Nice! I love Blurb too - I've done a few books with them, they rock and turn out so beautifully!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the vintage tin - that is so cool!

Happy Birthday in case I miss it! :-)

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!

And the antique flea market sounds lots of fun! Where is it? When is it held?

Christina said...

I want to find some vintage tins like that!!! And I want a Blurb book!!! I am jealous of you today. ;o)

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