About That Left-handedness Thing...

[Quite] A few years back I was in an acting class [one of many throughout my short-lived actress days] and we got to talking about left-handedness. I had read something about common character traits of left-handed people - three to be exact.

So I decided to share this information with my friends as I am horrible at spelling.

I said, "There are three common traits of left-handed people, poor spelling, forgetfulness...


...and I forgot that last one."

True Story.

To this day...

I still can't remember that third trait...and my spelling still stinks.

Did I mention that it was a Improv-comedy class?
I wasn't acting.

And we hadn't started the class yet.

Natural comic timing at it's finest.


Christina said...

That reminds me of my dad's favorite joke...that memory is the second thing to go. And when you ask what the first is - "ummmm, I don't remember." Hahaha!

Jaimee said...

That is too funny...my DH is Left-Handed and he DEFINITELY fits that mold! Thank God for spell checker! :)

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