One Word

I've committed to doing the 365 project, which is a great task in it's self, then I thought about interpreting some words and scriptures through photos to keep the creative process fluid and active. Then Shutter Sisters announced the One Word Project starting in February. With prizes! As much as I long for a Lensbaby, I really don't think that will happen; but I'm game anyway - just to be creatively challenged.  And if I couldn't think of any words, Shutter Sister linked over to Ali Edwards blog post with an extensive list of words.

So whether or not you play along with Shutter Sisters; whether you are a photographer, painter, scrap-booker, mixed media artist, etc - let Ali's word list inspire you to create with one word this year.And create often!


Stacy said...

So is create your word? It's a great one! I love your project, too. Did you make that mosaic?

I saw that both on Ali's site earlier and then on Shutter Sisters. It's a great idea for those that want to focus on it. I thought briefly about it, but knew that would be too much to put on my plate right now. I think my list of projects is quite long enough right now thankyouverymuch. ;)

Megan said...

i'm a little intimidated by this project. i'm afraid that it would end up being a job rather than fun for me. still thinking about it. btw: what's your word?

Killlashandra said...

Good luck with 365 days! I keep pondering doing it but then I think graduate work, pregnancy, 3 kids at home already and full time job and just don't know if I can get to that one too. LOL

I love your word though. I read the shutter sister one word post and thought about trying that one too.

Thanks so much for commenting. I meant to add you to my google reader but for the life of me could not remember your blog name. ;)

jamestownboys said...

I "love" it :).

I'm curious about the 365 project. . . . what is that all about? Not that I need something else right now. I'm considering the Shutter Sister challenge though. . . .

Rose said...

Stacie - I didn't make the mosaic, it's part of a wall at a retreat center I was at. Would love to do that some day, though!

Megan - I agree about the feeling of it being a job (committing to 365) but I'm trying to keep my head in the "this is a creative outlet" mode.
I haven't picked a word for February yet, (and may select several over the month) but my word for today's picture was (obviously) Abide; and my word for the YEAR is Change.

Killlshandra - That's a lot on your plate, I agree! Awesome though. Do what I did last year (after the fact really) A picture a week where you select your favorite picture from the week (or only picture as was the case for me a couple times).

jamestownboys - You can check out 365 Project on Flickr or Goggle it. It's basically a challenge to take a picture a day for a year. There is also information at Photojojo about it. PAD 2009 hosted by Kimberly at Altering Life Blog. Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for commenting on my Theme Thursday photo. Sorry I didn't come by sooner, but my computer died!

I LOVE that mosaic, and I think it's a great interpretation of Abide. Great job!

ELK said...


colors...and verse ...nice,
glad for the visit today.

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