Redondo Beach Pet Photographer | And Now a Word From Duke-the-Dog about Picture Taking

As soon as I got down and pointed the camera at him, he walked right up to the lens and started doing this...

he would stop, check me out and if I had the camera to my face, he let out another bark or three.
Apparently, he's been taking lessons from Harrison as he gave me his cold-shoulder routine next.

But in due time I got a few new shots of Dukie-doggie. And took care of today's shot for my 365 project.

Good Doggie.


Brittany said...

AW! He is so cute! I am sure his bark isn't so cute...after a long while! eek!

Frogs' mom said...

Great pictures - glad he decided to pose for the last one - Really cute. Thanks for the comment at 4-frogs :0)

Corey~living and loving said...

I love this post. something about it....just filled my heart with smiles. Thanks!

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