That is the reoccurring word that keeps coming to my mind for 2009. That's the theme that I have to take on for the coming year. Ironically, resolutions are all about making changes, so really the changes that I need to make really can be counted as resolutions. But I'm not keen on resolutions, I never make them. They are more of a tradition than anything tangible in my experience.

But changes - they NEED to happen. Am I going to list them all here? Nah, that would turn into a glorified list of resolutions. Are they anything extreme? Nope. But it's the little things that add up in life - like not getting to bed before midnight on any given night, no matter how hard you try.

So I'll see what happens and maybe document it here when it happens.

On a another note, after looking at my pictures from last year, I realized that I picked up my camera to take pictures 205 days last year. I was only 160 short of 365! That means I took pictures at least twice a week, every week of 2008!

So with that, I'm going give 365 a try. Will I take a picture every day? Only time will tell...

I don't know if I'll do a weekly summary, but I added 365 it to my sidebar.

In the mean time, I've been *crafting* don't faint. I've only been taking about doing it since I started the blog.

The real breakthrough was that I finally figured out how to turn on the loaner sewing machine that was delived to me before Christmas. True story.

I couldn't even find the stinkin' on-switch! And hand stitching...forget about it! I'm horrible at it and horribly S-L-O-W. I made harrison some felt food like two years ago and haven't finished yet because I was waiting to get my sewing machine back.  And as I've said, I have it. I just don't have the power cord/foot pedal for it.

And speaking of foot pedals, did you know that {some of}these newer machines don't have a foot pedal? So I'm supposed to turn it on and off with the button I push while trying to guide my fabric and keep it from going too fast. (wildly out of control - more like!) Does anyone else have this problem?  And to ad insult to injury, I'm left handed, I keep trying to use my left hand to control the sewing machine with the button on the right.

My conclusion. If they are going to eliminate the foot pedal they better make a left-handed sewing machine. Now before you go all right-handed postal on me, I'll let you know that I use knives and scissors with my right hand and well as play guitar normally (those lefty guitarist are a little odd). I was given left-handed scissors, I still couldn't use them with my left hand. I still have them and use them - in my right hand. Apparently the grip is just shaped to be more comfortable. Whatever.

Oh yeah, what have I been making? Birds and felt strawberries, and I sewed up a felt fish finally ( I cut it out two years ago). And more birds.

I'm digging the birds.

I've made a couple more since this picture, including one for Harrison from fabrics he picked out - complete with wings.
I found the pattern here along with a cute idea for a mobile, but I think I'll do something different with those I keep (some of them are late Christmas gifts).

I only have two small problems. First, I only have three bobbins with this machine with red, blue and white thread so I'm limited on what I can sew (since I'm a maniac about color-coordination) and second, the red bobbin is about to expire.

I don't know how to thread a bobbin on this sewing machine.

(remember, it took me a month to find the power switch.)



Corey~living and loving said...

love your crafts. those birds are awesome. :) how fun. :)

good luck with the 365. I simply can not do it. I should go look and see how many days I took pics last year. I take about 100-200 a week, I think, but only 3-5 days.

Cara said...

I love the birds how cute. A sewing machine without a foot way, I couldn't do it.
I made the same goal this year, take a picture everyday. I am hoping it will help me learn my camera and more about photography. We shall see. :-)

KG said...

The birds are way cute.

And you'll never hear me mocking your sewing machine skills ... seeing as I can't sew with a needle and thread much less with a sewing machine. I get scared every time my mom mentions hemming something.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of you creating your own blank canvas... it will be wonderful to have a space that is all your own.

I like your new creations... especially the strawberries!

Unknown said...

First of all (as you can probably tell) I am desperately trying to catch up on everyone's blogs today!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the birdies! They are fantastic! I so want to make some, and the fabrics of the last two are just terrific!

I so hope you can figure out the bobbin dilemma, because I can't wait to see what other fantastic things you come up with!

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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