Photo Story Friday - The Whales Go By...

There are those days when you get a picture that isn't all that great, not even interesting really. Much like any other picture taken of the same thing from the same point of view.

But you know the story behind the picture.

That's what happened earlier this week when I got a second chance to ditch sand castles and grab the camera at lightening-speed.  Only it still wasn't lightening-speed enough. 

It all started when I got annoyed by the sound of boats, I turned to see them right off the shoreline - three of them hovering there; then I saw it, a gray whale spouted and tipped his nose up far out of the water! Wow! He was just past the break line, amazingly close to the shore.

I grabbed the camera from my bag and waited for a bit; but finally caved to the boy's nudging to continue playing in the sand.

Ten minutes later he surfaced again! I saw the spout of water and in one quick motion, I spun my child around, yelled at him to "LOOK OUT THERE!", pointing, all while trying to get camera in hand for the shot of the whale out of the water. (Let's not mention I had the 50mm fixed lens attached...)

Yup. Missed the shot. But for the skeptics out there, I blew up the picture.

See the nose going back down? That's the white speck in the first picture.

Bye- bye Whale!

We didn't see him agian after that, but it was enough to make our day (and night as we read The Whales Go By, by Fred Phleger - one of my favorite childhood books and now one of Harrison's.)

And now I am once again coveting that 70-200 2.8 lens. Oh yeah.

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Wayne said...

I love the pictures of the beach and I bet you was kinda frustrated to miss the main shot of the whale bu the one you got is awsome.

great photo friday

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Argh, EVERY DAY we walk down to the beach, look for whales, and haven't spotted one yet - we finally went to Pt Vicente since that is the prime spot, and didn't see any that day, either!

That is very close to the shore. Crazy!

imbeingheldhostage said...

wow, that would've made my day-- for seeing it and crushed me for not capturing it. We had the same experience with a stray seal a couple of weeks ago-- I wasted time staring at it wondering if it was someone's black Lab.

Fun PSF!

Christina said...

OMG, a whale in the wild! The only thing better would be seeing a dolphin. I'm a dolphine FANATIC!

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