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Face it, people either love it or hate it; but you can't deny that Facebook has become a phenomenon - or maybe a frenzy - with over 700,000 users joining daily I think it's safe enough to say that. There is good reason to dislike it if it connects people to you that you don't want to reconnect with; there are those scenarios out there. But we have control of our own personal information and who we want to except [as Facebook friends] or not, and a way of being polite about it all. The bottom line is - if you don't want to be found by anyone (or someone in particular) then maybe Facebook is just not for you. With that said let me tell you...

Why I  love Facebook.

Not because of the applications, or the various quizzes, not the games that distract you far into the night. I don't play Mafia Wars, or Farm Town, I hide the quizzes from my feed for the most part. Not the constant chatter of status updating; and quite honestly most of the statuses updates tend to be glorified, narcissistic tweets. {myself included} Does anyone care that I bought 100 watt light bulbs at the hardware store for a quarter or ate an entire bag of peanut M&Ms in front of my 56th viewing of The Princess Bride. {not really...} No. Not Really.

What I do love about Facebook is connection to old friends; people that time and distance allowed to slip away. I have always been thankful for the innumerable people that have crossed my path and left an impression on my heart.

Then as I accepted a 'friend request' the other evening, I remembered a pile of school pictures at the bottom of a box that gets opened regularly. I see those pictures sitting there each time I pull out a nail clipper - pictures of young hopeful, happy faces from 20+ years ago. I see them almost weekly, and with Facebook now allowing the opportunity to reconnect with some of those faces, opening that little box makes me smile.

I love Facebook for the simple fact that it was answered the questions in my heart about some of those I had wondered about, prayed for and hoped were well.

Technology today is truly amazing, isn't it?

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