Just Another Crafty Tuesday

A while back I made a chalkboard out of an odl frame, a piece of wood and chalkboard paint.

I love chalkboard paint. If I could, I would probably cover a whole wall with it, or a door, or something else. But I exersice self control in this area - probably because I don't have much of a choice.

Then I thought of something, I got these really awesome huge pails from Tuesday Mornings before Harrison was born; before he even had a room. They were a fraction of the cost of the same thing at Pottery Barn Kids, only they had words on them, 'Toys', 'Crayons', 'Pail'.  Last week I painting right over those words with chalkboard paint so that we could write anything one them. Then as the contents change - so can the description!

I LOVE the outcome!

Okay, off to do laundry now!

Happy Tuesday.


Unknown said...

I love the chalkboard, I've several frames I've been meaning to make into bulletin boards - but maybe I'll do chalkboards instead?

But Love the buckets - they are cuter than Pottery Barns actually!

L~ said...

good idea! I wish we had pottery barn near us!! Nothing better than a chalk board, seriously!

Jen said...

I have been wanting to try chalkboard paint. You have reinspired me. The buckets turned out SO cute.

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