Sometimes a small disaster can evoke new inspiration; sometimes we just need to view life from a new angle.  After a crazy-busy, frustrating, tearful week I spent the day with the wee-one in dramatic play. I was Princess Guinevere to his Prince Caspian (no, not Sir Lancerlot or King Arthur). Apparently "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" trumps "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" in his book; but there is a lack of good damsels in distress so enter 'Princess' Guinevere.

I also put the {quite neglected} kit lens back on my camera on Friday. Then it struck me. I've taken pictures through the Viewfinder, through a mega phone and even through a funnel so why not through broken lens glass!

I. Love. It! The birth of new inspiration.

Plus, I just let these be, SOOC. Embracing the moody lighting (and blur).

We borrowed "The Pianist" from the library {gotta love the library} yesterday to watch finally. [are we one of the last few people that hadn't seen "The Pianist"?] Anyway, we ended up watching "War of the Worlds" on regular TV - in it's chopped up, commercial-riddled glory - we still loved it. All to say I was feeling some alien love today with these funny little aliens.

happy Monday!


Cara said...

These are so cool. What had happened to the lens???
You are so creative.

Megan said...

very cool. i second the question: what happened to your lens?

Rose said...

Megan and Cara here's the story


Christina said...

TOO cool, Miss Creativity!

Anonymous said...

VERY creative. It's amazing what beauty comes from broken things!

Melissa G said...

These are great! Very inspiring, indeed.

The aliens are definitely my favorite.

Killlashandra said...

Those are great! What a neat idea. I love the broken lense look. :)

Unknown said...

You are genius. Creative, photographic genius.

I love them.

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