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I was there to sing "Over the Rainbow" to her when she was only three years old.

When she was five years old, I brought my future husband over to her house for dinner. (After all, she and her parents {Harrison's God-Parents} had to approve him.) She took a liking to him and jumped up on the sofa and happily declared, "I'm SIX years old!"

And at seven years old, she walked down the isle before me as my flower girl at my wedding.

I've had the honor of watching her grow up and blossom into a beautiful young woman (and even approve of her boyfriend...) So I was overjoyed when she and her mom asked me to take some head shots of her last summer. In fact, I look forward to taking more pictures in the near future!

She is already and accomplished actress, singer and photographer; so as she finishes up her senior year, I look forward to seeing what God has in store for her.

So very exciting!
She's all grown up.


Cara said...

Great photos, I love the light! She has such pretty eyes too!

Cerulean Bill said...

Frequently, when someone says 'beautiful young woman', they mean '...that only a mother could love'. Not this time. Not in the least.

I hope it's not denigrating your skill to say that subjects like that make the photographer's job just a little bit easier. Okay, a lot.

Cerulean Bill said...

Tried to respond via Yahoo, but don't know how to invoke that. Sorry.

Re the cookies - They're good, but insubstantial. Guess that's a given, since there's no flour in it. Beware the chip size. Learned the hard way that my biggest tip is smaller than the chips.Groan.

Christina said...

Oh my. Now she is a beauty. and it sounds like that beauty comes from inside. Amazing phots, Rose!

Unknown said...

I'm in tears...

hugs to you, Rose

Kelsey's very proud Dad

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