Another Word on Change

This particular move from residence to another provoked a change of thinking and living in me. We really downsized and it feels good to totally declutter. Not that we were junk hoarders by any means, but we had some things tucked into closets and drawers that we just never used, did really care about and especially didn't need.

With this move, I insisted that we go through EVERY storage container and box that we had. There are things that had only been touched once in our 10 years together; and that was when we moved from our little beach house to our bigger (make room for baby) house. I know how to de-clutter. I know how to organize. I just DON'T always follow through with it.

Now, though we're in a smaller house [a.k.a. apartment] it's roomy enough for a family of three and it's not crowded with *stuff*.

This move as allowed me to get back into better habits - like making beds. I know, I know, I didn't make my bed every day - don't hate me. It was upstairs, out of the way, no else one saw it and, quite honestly, I wasn't the last one out of bed in the morning. [no, I didn't nag my husband to make a bed - sorry that's just not me]

I've also had GREAT success in getting laundry done!


Who knew that having to collect laundry from no less than four places upstairs then lug it all downstairs and outside really wrecked havoc on me subconsciously. Apparently I didn't. At the old house there seemed to always be - more. Just when you thought the laundry was done for Ah Day, there was MORE.
Not here, the washer and dryer are conveniently located in the hall close to everything. The machines are always clean, dry and ready to go; no spiders to contend with, no soot to clean off, no rain to deli - awesome!

I think I love doing laundry now!

In fact, last week I couldn't believe that I had FINISHED the laundry! It was washed, folded, put away and I was slightly unsettled that there wasn't anything left to do with it. I even looked under our beds and behind doors for something I may have missed. No basket of old rugs just hanging out getting dirty, no piles of laundry to fold.
It. Was. Finished.

I had to WAIT for days to do more!

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penandview said...

When we moved to the town we are in now, we lived in a tiny apartment for three years. I missed the sidewalks and lawns and garage, but I didn't miss the yard work! And we had to lug our laundry down a flight of stairs and across the parking lot to the laundry room. My hubby would do 10 loads at once late at night and then we'd fold them all at once and be done with it. LOVED it! Now, I have a laundry room and the piles and folding are never ending...

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