Crushed Bliss

There I was holding a small plastic bag containing the bobbin case and foot pedal belonging to my sewing machine for the first time in years. I was ecstatic! I was finally going to finish all the projects I started with Harrison on MY machine! All I had to do was bring the machine up from the garage.

But I would have to wait a couple more days as I had priorities.

Alas finally, I had a free moment. I nervously plugged in the power cord to the machine,then the wall; I flipped the on switch and the light illuminated above the needle and foot. I cautiously became giddy.

Within seconds, Harrison was there hovering over me to see how it worked, wanting to see it sew. I found one of the unfinished projects, excited at the prospect of completion and not caring about the tread color, I sewed one straight line down an edge...

And then it stopped working. Just like that my bliss was demolished in with one tiny thread tightly stuck in the mechanics of the machine. A part that, once cleared of said thread, still refuses to turn.

I swear if there were such things as Sewing Machine gods, they would be a top of Mt. Everest, rolling around on there backs, laughing until the stomachs hurt like a bunch of freakin' hyenas. Like maybe they are trying to tell me something... Come on, throw me a bone here, I know I'm not "domestic" but can't I have one little moment of "domestic glory" in the shape of a sewing machine that allows me to actually sew for more that one minute? Is this asking too much?

Back to square one.


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