Redondo Beach Family Photographer | Mind Farts...

That is the name of one unpublished blog posts from the dead of winter. When it seems I got caught in my own frozen tundra.
Is that what it is? Frozen tundra? Honestly, I just like the way it rolls off my tongue.

I opened that draft - one of many
It was empty.

Apparently another victim of a reckless mind fart.

But my season on the frozen tundra (because seriously, if the tundra is frozen you can't really be in it, you are just stuck on it. Literally speaking) was not with out accomplishments, I spent a lot of time behind the camera looking at faces in front of the camera.

Meet one family - the Graham Family, they are a wonderful family and Jen is an incredible digital scrapbooker, if you love to scrapbook, you'll love her kits!
I'll catch you up with some more over the next couple weeks as well as a peek at the latest maternity newborn session. LOVE THOSE BABIES!

Hope you enjoy this Jen!


Jen Graham said...

Oh Rose! I love these. I so need to scrap them!

penandview said...

I love them!!! I love the free and candidness of them. My kind of photos. They will cherish those for sure.

Christina said...

Mind Farts - ha!!! I have some of those lurking in my blogger files, too. ;o) AWESOME photos of that sweet family, Rose! You've got it going on.

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