Photo Story Friday - The Wall

I was asked to take a picture of a brand new wall for a monthly newsletter I layout. The wall replaces a chain-link fence in front of Harrison's preschool.

 I took a picture from a different point of view and realized the nice shaded light right there...

 So I asked Harrison to stand against the wall so I could try out the light - on him. Yeah. he didn't have the same plan.

But I asked nicely. Twice...okay three times and got this look.

One more time he leaned against the wall for a split second then shot me a quick smile as he jumped away from the wall and announced we were going home now.


So this is five years old, eh?
Well, it's a nice wall anyway.

PhotoStory Friday
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Cecily R said...

This is probably weird, but I really like all three of the pics of him. The one with the toy in front of his face has great action, the grumpy face kind of makes me smile and the smile shot shows his movement and kidness. See, they're great!!! :)

King of New York Hacks said...

but...he is..BATMAN. ;-)

Jen Graham said...

Wow! The second one from the bottom looks like a mini big brother. :)

penandview said...

I sympathized with you on every point. It kills me when there is wonderful light and my kids could care less. BUT, I love this's real life. :)

Anonymous said...

Remember: I picture is worth a thousand "Could you please stand still and say cheese?!"

Twitter: mikeleonen
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brandt! said...

what great pictures of him!

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