Thank You for the Photo Love!

To those who have commented at Pierce Baby Project that my picture taking has improved, (despite obnoxious Casio p&s camera) I am whole-heartedly blessed by your words and I thank you. It means a lot coming from such talented, creative people! I have to apologize if I didn't comment on your blog recently, we’ve had a lot going on here.

Again, Thank you.

And speaking of talented, creative people, I stopped by the VERY creative Brittany’s blog, 4 Little Men, the other day. She had a cute little test about the percentage of creativity that our brain is wired for, she (understandably) scored 98%. So I took said cute little test. I scored 60%!

WHAT!! I screamed! [Luckily Harrison naps upstairs and I was down.]

60%!! What the BLEEPIDY-BLEEP-BLEEP is that all about!!

I’m creative!
[Okay, I wasn’t expecting 98% by any means – but I figured I’d maybe push 70.]

But 60? That’s like, right after 50. That’s barely pushing average! That’s… probably not too for off base…

Well, I took it again today because I wanted to post it here now that I’m over the shock of the cold, hard fact that I am only 60% wired for creativity - [considering how naturally wired I am.] I answered it EXACTLY the same as the first time.


I scored 70%. That’s it! This little test is rigged!

I mean really, numbers in color and alien ink blots? And that music question… Those color choices were all wrong for the music to begin with! Hello!

So here is my so-called results. Now that I gave your a preview of questions, go try it out for yourself. Hey, it’s a fun little escape for a moment.


…and posts like this is why I needed my own blog…


Christina said...

LOL! What a weird little quiz. I agree, those color choices were all wrong for that sound clip! I scored 60%....which was actually higher than I'd expected since I've been feeling rather UNcreative the last week!

Stacy said...

I scored 73%...don't feel bad! These tests are always pretty funny to see if they have you pegged...or NOT.

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