I should have skipped breakfast...

A report came out last week that skipping breakfast of not could determine the sex of your baby. Seriously. Dude. Give me a break. I have a hard time swallowing that not eating breakfast could spike my chances of getting a girl. First of all, I LOVE breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day. Even on a diet, I don't skip breakfast. The only times I skip breakfast is when I'm running late to get somewhere and stressed, or when I'm not feeling well and can't keep my beloved breakfast down [like during pregnancy]!

Maybe that's why I absolutely love Simply Breakfast Photo blog. I simply love breakfast.

The real point to this story...

Had I read the article at the time I was getting ready to conceive, I probably would have skipped breakfast - just for the heck of it. It's worth a try, right?

Everyone who knows us, know that we were hoping for a girl. We have a beautiful boy young man already. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of each? I really wanted to pass on my "girl stuff" including things from my childhood that my mom had saved for me. I wanted to have those "girl-y moments" like High Tea. And frankly, I like going to the flea market and antiquing - something that Harrison hasn't like getting stuck doing since he had lungs to express it. [that would be from day1.]

But I knew in my heart, even before the ultrasound confirmed it. I knew he was going to be a boy.
Years earlier, long before meeting the Guy I Dig, while on a retreat I found a Victorian baby book. I loved it. So I bought it as a promise/hope/belief that I really would someday be married and have a child. Later, a friend pointed out that it looked more like a boy's baby book. Gah!
Then as we were trying to decide on a middle name for a girl I told the GID that we should have a boy name ready just in case. That came like silk. He would be named after our fathers - paternal first, maternal second. A perfect name. Finally, as we walked in to the office for our ultrasound the day we would find out the sex. The GID says to me, "you don't even look pregnant from behind." One of those "way you carry" wives tales. I knew right then who God entrusted me with. I knew his name. I knew that he was meant to be, that God knew every hair on his head already.

So I would have skipped breakfast, true story. But the REAL truth is. Harrison was meant for us. He fills our lives with joy and wonder every day. I am blessed that I have a beautiful, healthy boy and that I can fill that perfect [purchased long ago] baby book with everything "Harrison". We have so much fun together, I couldn't picture it any other way.

And I never had to go hungry in the morning to do it!


Daryl said...

I never heard that before .. heard a lot of other 'old wives' tales' about determining the sex of a baby but that's a new one.

And I am impressed with Simply Breakfast .. I cant imagine posting pix of what I eat daily .. its the same thing every day! LOL.


Anonymous said...

I skip breakfast all the time. Almost everyday in fact. Seems by the time I get going in the morning, breakfast is over and I just go on and eat lunch! Either way, I've never been much to eat breakfast.

Having said that, I have 2 girls and a boy. Goes to show God is control not your appetite! LOL

Christina said...

What a beautiful story! God knows what's best for us even if we don't always know...and later, we look back and couldn't imagine it being any other way.

Interesting study...but I'm with you, not sure I'd put much stock in it.

KG said...

Boys are THE BEST! I hope I get two more!

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