Hello, My Name is Golightly and I Am a Sugar Addict

It's true, today was the first day of our diet.
[a.k.a eat healthy 98% of the time; a.k.a. kill the sugar addiction!]
We made it through day 1.

I went to work and sat at a desk next to an open office filled with coated nuts and Hersey's kisses and jelly beans and Hot Tamales and crackers and chips and honey pretezels and soda in the fridge. And each time I entered the room sweat broke out on my brow. How I wanted to grab a piece of candy! Or 10.

How is it that you just become hungrier and needier for the junk food as soon as you decide to be strong and diet?? Oh the psychological power of food!

Then as I'm meeting with the Executive Director to discuss some media, a person walks in with a container of sugar cookies covered in thick pink frosting and sprinkles. Mmm.

I declined.

I came home and ate a cheese stick. And a tomato.

I didn't buckle.

So for dinner the G.I.D. and I ate pork tenderloin, sauteed spinach & red bell peppers with garlic and a side salad. Not too bad for dinner; and food should be beautiful to look at.

But then I wanted sweets! [I remember there is some hidden chocolate mini-bunnies and jelly beans, OH! how about ice cream?! Don't we have some of that left over?!! Or one little spoon of Skippy peanut butter... Come on...

I'm like one of those women on Survivor who sit around and talk about all the food they can't have instead of doing some work around the camp. Then when they get voted off for not doing their share of work, they can't figure out why the heck they got voted off!

but I digress.

and today is only day 1!

BTW HipMamma, I do love my pasta and bread!!


Anonymous said...

We're rootin' for ya! You can do it. That bell pepper dish looks yummy.

KG said...

Ugh! I'm convinced you can't cut cold turkey on stuff. I just don't think it's possible . . . I hope you can prove me wrong! Heh.

Brittany said...

I'm a sugar addict, too! Way to go fighting the temptations! :)

That pepper dish looks SO good!

mandaroo63 said...

I hear ya, Rose! I'm struggling right now, and especially hard with the bdays, and those yummy cakes we had around! At least that's over and I can move on. Your dinner actually sounds very yummy. I need to come up with some new recipes!

Christina said...

You're off to a great start! Good for you for staying strong. Your dinner actually sounds scrumptious to me. but no sugar?! no sweets?! Argh!!!

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