A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Ya Miss Me? Computer problems. What can I say. I have 100 messages in my Outlook email box to sort through so I thought I would publish this post that I never was able to after said computer problems!

It was ironically titled: A Day Late and a Dollar Short - because I was. Now I really am late!! Enjoy, I'll update on the diet soon!

April 4, 2008

Imagine my delight when I read a post yesterday from Irene at ShutterSisters about being uninspired and the end of Polaroid film. And then she highlighted one of Jen's photos in her post! Not only does Jen have beautiful, inspiring Polaroid photos but she also loves Diptychs!

I have actually been inspired as of late by Polaroid pictures on flickr and some blogs that Irene happened to mention. [how ironic, I started this post a week ago]
I had just dug out our Polaroid instant camera. [what timing, eh?] I actually found out about the film going out of production at the end of January from a camera shop owner. I thought about picking up more film at the local Costco shortly thereafter but I didn't. Now it's gone. I have nine photos left.

I could still buy more, maybe I will.

Here are some of my favorite from the past:

I've always LOVED this shot - just a slice of life with some dear friends.

For about two years I volunteered at a mission feeding the homeless every Thursday. The most fulfilling thing I ever did. I'm pictured with a guy names Snake!

During our second year of marriage and first Married's Retreat through our church.

Oldie but goodie! Check out the Barbie house!
What OLD and loved Poloroids do you have laying around?


KG said...

That Barbie house is HAWT!

I have one from one of those Japanese steakhouses . . . the staff took it because it was my birthday party. I think I was around 12. I LOVE it because I was such a hawt mess even back then!

Anonymous said...

I have Barbie-house envy. And, your friends look awesome too.

Anonymous said...

I have no poloroids lying around. Sad but true. Freak out, though, I had that Barbie house!

Andi said...

Oh, we LOVE poloroids at our house...the daughter would rather use them than anything, so we have SO many photos laying about. She will be completely sad when I tell her the official news. A friend of hers told her they were not making the film anymore, so we checked it out at a local store. They had plenty on the shelves, so I thought that was just a silly rumor. Well, I guess I need to go back to that store and buy it ALL. LOVE your shots...the friends, the Barbie house... I, too, envy that. I did not have one, but man I was a Barbie freak...my Barbie dolls just lived in this "chic" two story loft (I called it) that was really an ancient side table in my parent's den. LOL...Thanks for this post.

Ashley said...

Hey! Just found your blog! Added you to my bloggy directory: http://www.bosssanders.com/bloggy-directory/

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