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Having internet problems here so posting will continue to be spotty for a few days. I've been playing with diptychs. the process of putting two photos together to create or complete a story.

I discovered them in the process of enjoying a couple of my favorite photo blogs and fell in love with the idea and simplicity of them. Check out the some interpretations here. Lately, I've started creating some. You can see more of my first attempts here.

Which leads me to Stacy's Thursday theme this week, it was about our individual style. I have found in the last year as I started Harrison's blog for family and friends that I lean toward a certain style of photography. I love natural light inside and out. (A challenge for the point and shoot camera I own) I love the cross-processing and a grainier, grittier look [at times], micro photography of everyday things, black& white photos and I love telling (or seeing a story) in pictures. Do you feel all that love? Well, most of my photos are not wall-worthy but, lucky for me, I have chair and picture rails all through my house and don't need to hang a lot of pictures.

So if you don't see me for a couple of days, it's probably our internet service giving us grief so I will be here when I can, working on this.

But do send me some bloggy love!

In the mean time check out these wonderful people!
My Polaroid Blog
Noticing Project


Brittany said...

I will miss you while away! I will send good internet vibes....

Stacy said...

What a great diptych - thanks for the inspiration!

Sorry to hear about your internet woes...I know it sucks! Last year we had to have our line from the house to the street replaced because it wasn't working. Of course, they didn't do it as fast as I wanted...they didn't realize how important internet is to us!

Christina said...

Ack, there's almost nothing more frustrating than flaky internet. Hope it stabilizes soon for you!

Love that image...both the way you put it together and all the great nicknacks. I sense for stories there!

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