I've Fallen In Love!!


How is it that I lived all this time without Adobe Lightroom??

Oh. My. Gosh!

I downloaded the 30 day trial version yesterday and I am already addicted [and I don't even know how to use the darn thing yet!]

I took like 200 + pictures last week while on outings and I was able to process 95% of them in no time at all. (The other 5% were really true throw aways.) Normally, I look at the 100 of so pictures and process about 10.

AND Presets!! So Cool! They're right up my alley! I know that many professional photographers are all about the BEST SOOC they can get and not really playing with the photo much - just to pop the color or convert to b&w, etc., but I'm not a professional and I stopped trying to strive to produce perfect SOOCs with my Casio p&s. So I love to play with my images and process them into art that I like.

Not to say that when (and if) I do get a DSLR, I won't work at getting better "straight out of camera shots"; I most certainly will, as I will no longer have the excuse that "it's the point & shoot that I use".

In the mean time I'm going to go play with Lightroom! I only have 29 days left! Hmm, Mother's day is coming up... Makes a good gift.

I'm so in love!

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Christina said...

Girl, you're killing me! Now I'm gonna HAVE to get Lightroom! I have heard so much good about it, I'd love to try it out. Except that I don't have time to mess with a new software, or the $ to buy it when I fall in love. Hmmmm

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