I Get Knocked Down - But I Get Up Again

I keep getting these really nasty headaches lately. They leave me rendered useless for 2 days - plus, sometimes. Such is the case over the last 24 hours. So there was no bloggy love. No Best shot for Monday. I couldn't even sit near a computer for days. (Which worked out on Sunday because we were getting any internet love, either!) But there was a lot of truthiness in how I looked and felt.

I actually discovered the truthiness post a couple weeks ago, but being the truly self-conscious, issues-hugging person that I am, I wouldn't post a picture of me first thing in the morning! Nope. BUT... I also do a great job at succumbing to peer pressure under the right circumstances when it doesn't involve running off a cliff with a pack of demon-possessed pigs or a herd of brainless, number counting sheep.

[Or any other animal that likes to swan-dive off of cliffs for that matter...]

So what am I saying is...ugh. I have a picture.

I have took a picture.

It's not pretty. Maybe before you scroll further, you should consider putting your coffee down.

Or sitting down.

Or at least ushering small children out of the room.

Oh, wait, that's my wedding picture.

Here you go...

I know, not much better. Check out the jowls - eek!

I'm seeing some similarities in the face with Ren the Boxer here...

At least today my excuse was a 36-hour headache. I look like a bull dog
[What will my excuse be tomorrow?]

And I suppose this my best shot for Monday? Well it was my only shot Monday.

So there you go. How do you like that cozy, comfy, royal blue robe I'm wearing? I love it - Victoria's Secret, circa 1999. A bridal shower gift. One good thing in the morning - that and a cup of coffee!

[I need a haircut.]

Visit Tracey at Mother May I and see much better shots this week!


Brittany said...

lol. I love that! so funny. I LOVE the last photo. I feel that way EVERYDAY!

Lara said...

no way! you look nothing like that dog OR that monkey. :-P

Lotus (Sarcastic Mom) said...



Anonymous said...

Great collection of photos! I would be way to chicken to post my morning photo.

KG said...

Whatever - you're way hot!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I'm so excited when I get a new reader. I hope you'll be back! I'll be back to yours!

Andi said...

I just have to say that I have not seen a photo yet that I do not LOVE. Yours is honestly GREAT...I think we are harder on ourselves than others are. (Except for me...people would be VERY hard on me! LOL- which is why I have not been brave enough to post it or even take it yet. Maybe...just maybe...one day.)
I am sorry about your headaches! I have migraines from time to time, so I do know something about horrible headaches. Light, sound, movement is impossible to tolerate, so I usually just go to bed, take meds and hope for the best. I almost always wake feeling hung over...odd really. Anyway, here's hoping you are feeling MUCH better. Thanks for sharing...

Kat said...

Ah, yeah, you look far better than I would. I am NOT caving to the peer pressure. I WILL not post a pic of me first thing in the morning. I just can't do that to my bloggy friends.

Arizaphale said...

Good for you!! I think you look great too. Love what you've done with the monkey and dog shots :-D
I haven't seen a really bad photo in this 'truthiness' caper!! (apart from mine)It seems to me that our inner beauty shines out of us all, whenever! Haven't seen this blog before. Will have to have a look around.

Kimberly said...

LOL! I think this is the first time I've visited your blog, and girl, you are FUNNY! And brave! I say kudos to anyone who will post a first thing in the morning photo of themselves. I'm not even brave enough to look in the mirror until I've at least washed my face. ;-)

Christina said...

First of all, how the heck did I miss this post?? Never showed up in my reader.
Second, you are a riot, and real, and true, and lovely, and way to hard on yourself, and you look a lot like a friend of mine. So there. ;o)

mandaroo63 said...

you look great, and I love the humor you threw in there! sorry about the headaches, they suck, huh?!

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