How My Husband Charmed Me...

It doesn't take much, just pull out a guitar and start playing (or a piano, or bass, or drums, or saxophone, or...well you get the message) - or hand me a cassette tape of songs you wrote and sang back in high school.

That works too.

Apparently I'm not the only one he charmed through the years - only for a different purposes.

I still swoon when I listen to this song, takes me right back to those sweet courting days.

His friend, John, whom he had unfortunately lost contact with years ago created and posted this. Yeah, they reunited through Facebook.

Gotta love Facebook.
And YouTube.
And John. 

I love hearing stories from the GID's younger days.

Lucky for me {and the world}, there are NO records of my singing - not then, not now.
Not that I didn't try... (singing - not recording)

Although, all he has to do is open my Senior yearbook to easily spot me.

Yeah, that picture. Full. Page.
Do you believe I screamed out of embarrassment when I first saw it. True story - as if I were in some 1980's John Hughes teen movie - right there in the middle of the hall above the cafeteria. 
Screamed.   Literally.


It was the 80s 

And I was a teen. 

Now that's embarrassing.

That Guy-I-Dig still plays "Goodnight" by the Beatles - only lately his audience is smaller -literally.

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