Another Month by Gone

Looking at this mosaic, I can easily see where the month of August went. We started it with swimming classes and ended it with a day of play with Daddy. Harrison moved from building factories to building castles, the first Sunday of every month, there are remote control car enthusiasts racing their toys on the pier. Harrison earned a second light saber with a good behavior chart and picked out his favorite veggies and fruits at the Farmers Market. (he also got me a bouquet of flowers for my birthday). We added a new globe to our collection and some letter blocks from the Rose Bowl flea Market. We enjoyed another (albeit too crowded) at Mud Mania and Harrison picked out matching G.I. Joe helmets for the GID's birthday.  We took Big Brother up to college to move into the dorms... and then my 50 mm lens broke. Oops! Had fun with using it in a new way, pondered my upcoming 10th anniversary and found out I don't fit into the wedding dress, created colored water to drink with Harrison, drew pictures, created art, playing in the water, looked at the moon, lost more socks to laundry, played with new found legos and became a princess for days. on. end. 

A good month.

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Unknown said...

good month, indeed. i really like this is full of life. real life.

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