It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year..

It's true the Fall Television lineup is about to start. I know - it's a weakness but we are giddy about our Thursday evening cuddle time in front of Survivor and CSI [although I'm still sad that William Petersen left the show].

And this year, being the home-body that I am, I'm totally happy about two shows coming together on Friday night - Ghost Whisperer and Medium; which NBC {foolishly} canceled in the eleventh hour last season almost without warning.

(don't even get me started on how the networks juggle their season lineups constantly.)

I look at it as win-win for CBS - and me.
Last season I was always jumping from a show on CBS to NBC for Medium anyway.

I can't tell you why I like these two shows, after all, Jennifer Love Hewitt NEVER looks bad. Never. She wakes up in the morning on the show with full mascara on and every hair on her head in place like she just returned from a salon appointment. But tune I do, week after week; it's my "unwind" show after a long busy week. I usher in a {hopefully} restful weekend with Ghost Whisperer. And sometimes it has even made me teary-eyed. Shhh - don't tell anyone.

As for Medium - I just REALLY like the entire ensemble cast - well the daughters annoy me sometimes, but hey, they can be annoying in real life. Which leads me to one of the reasons the show also works for me. They look like a normal middle income family that might be living down the street from you - all the way down to the set decorations in the home. And I don't have to tell you that Patricia Arquette is like night and day to Jennifer Love Hewitt; she has looked pretty bed-headed in some of the wake-from-a-nightmare scenes. Keeping it real folks - well, to a point. It is Medium after all.

I'm excited about my Friday wind down lineup! I guess you could say it's my one vice (or one of...).

So those that think of calling me about something tonight - or any given week - just know you'll be leaving a message on Thursday and Friday during the first two hours of Prime Time. But I still love ya.

In 45 minutes, I'm plopping on the sofa to watch last season's finales of both shows, because it just so happened I missed the finale of each show last season.

In Harrison's words, "I'm SO 'CITED!"

[Excuse me now, I need to go put my child to bed - on time!]

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Unknown said...

it really is the most wonderful time of the year! nothing is better than turning on the Tivo and having a CHOICE! lots of good shows to watch! hooray!

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