SOOC Saturday | Trying on New Hats

Big Brother was home from college for Spring break this week. Harrison accosted him every chance he got to play or talk about a video game.

But yesterday we got out of the house as a family and headed down to Long Beach to find a little shop called "Hot Licks" Big Brother was looking for only THEE HOTTEST hot sauce to take back to college with him.

While there we had some fun at the hat shop too.
 Big Brother Spamming

 "Ahhh! I'm a Shark Head!"

The {hunky} Guy I Dig... need I say more? 

And the DEATH sauce!

There were a lot of tears when we got home, as the boys had to test everything. In some twisted way, they were tears of joy. 

Harrison and I? We stuck to the Mango dipping sauce.

Have a happy weekend! 

Slurping Life


joa2307 said...

Hi Rose, I have to admit - that sauce looks scary! I have the theme from Megans blog for this weeks triptych - so will email you on Thursday with that! Thanks for commenting on my Picture Spring Photos - Tracey Clark is fantastic!

Christina said...

I think I'd stick with the mango sauce, too. ;o) my taste for HOT is growing...but not that much! And wow, do those boys ever look like brothers!!

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