Redondo Beach child Photographer | Sisters Session

I've been quiet here, yes. Part of the reason is that I've been out taking pictures of/for other people. So fun!

I met these two cuties and their mommy at the local wilderness park one {late} morning. We got down to having fun and taking some pictures in no time at all - at the same time the sun decided to come out to play.

Good experience for me - right in trenches against the midday sun!

These sisters have no problem letting their love for each other shine forth. They remind me of I wanted a sister growing up and how much fun I thought it would be!

Thanks for making my day J. and D.


HipMomma said...

Nice job, Rose. They didn't make it hard for you though, they are so cute.

Christina said...

Oh Rose, these are lovely! Nicely done. LOVE the little legs dangling from the bench.

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