with a capital D!

Yup that's me. Why, you ask? Because with the exception of my very first post on Pierce Baby Project, I have been creating ALL my posts under the Edit Html tab and NOT the oh-so-glorious Compose tab!

Do you know how challenging that has been? That's 7 months of DUH!

And why did I suddenly have this epiphany?

I introduced an old friend to the world of blogging, and in her first post she did something that I was trying to figure out for months...change the size and color of my freaking font.

I. Have. Been. Liberated!

Now, there is this ongoing debate between me and the Guy-I-Dig about the color of my hair. I say it's blonde, albeit dishwater blonde, it is blonde. Even my hairdresser agrees with that. Dear GID says it's brown. A very light brown, but brown.

The thing is, why does he so ademently argue that I am not a blonde when I ademently act like one AND blog like a BIG DORK caught in Html-purgatory for SO many months! (Because, let me tell you, this is not my first "blonde moment".)

It's a scary thing. Now I wonder what else I've been missing??

Come to think of it.
I'm brunette.


Brittany said...

that's a hoot!

Christina said...

You've been blogging in HTML all this time?!? Wow, you are industrious! I avoid code like the plague. Love it that you can now JUST ADD COLOR!!:o)

Angie said...

That's hilarious. Sounds like something I'd do.

Angie said...

That's hilarious. Sounds like something I'd do.

Angie said...

(like double posting a comment)

Anonymous said...

I clicked that once and just about freaked out. I was so sure that Blogger was wigging out on me. Glad you have regained your sanity.

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