Watching Robots Dance

I haven't been feeling the love for my point and shoot lately and it seems that I am not the only lamenting over the love loss! Andrea over at Shutter Sisters felt the sting and came up with a FUN, if not P&S forgiving, Superhero Challenge! Set the camera on the floor, on self timer for a self portrait and see what you get.

Funny thing is, I've been working with that self timer thing, the self portrait thing and even putting the camera on the floor! I just didn't put them all together until today.

Problem is, I STILL hate pictures of ME. So when the GID got home from work this evening, he and Harrison played robots. They walked and talked like robots. Duke-the-Dog and I just sat back and watched a bit. I realized my perfect opportunity was laying at my feet! [no pun intended] So when I sat the camera on the ground with the self timer set to go off a few times that Guy I Dig didn't even blink an eye. He and Harrison went on playing without stepping on the camera and I got a nice shot of my cozy red socks. 'Cause these hard wood floors are cold in the winter -even in So Cal!

This is SOOC, why mess around?


Anonymous said...

I love it! Great job.

Anonymous said...

Fun shot. Animals are great leg warmers :-)

Christina said...

Fantastic! I love this idea. Your wood floors are gorgeous. I have some cozy red socks I love, too - but they have holes in them now. :o(

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