Through the Rabbit Hole

Okay, so it's not Alice, or the White Rabbit, or even a rabbit hole. It's a funnel. This week's Sunday school "lesson" at Shutter Sisters is all about framing and it reminded me of these pictures that I never used.

A few months ago, I took pictures of Harrison through a vintage megaphone that he loves to play with. A few weeks later he was playing with funnels from the kitchen and I thought, "Hmm, let's try a picture!" I used my point and shoot and focused as best I could on the subject in through the hole. I liked the results; but as usual, I am limited by my camera's focus issues. Or maybe it's just user error trying to hold a funnel and and a camera at the same time! On another note, can you tell the month I took these pictures in? Nice pumpkin, eh?

Yes, he's holding another funnel, it's a 3 funnel set.


Kat said...

Those pics are fabulous! I wish I was a good photographer! Well done!

Thank you for visiting my blog. It is so nice to meet you!

Christina said...

very coolie!

Stacy said...

Cute and creative...nice job!

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